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Getting Started

5 Minute Start

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Virtual Servers API

Control your virtual servers with the Virtual Servers API.

Private Cloud API

Manage your private cloud with this API.

Public Cloud API

Manage your public cloud with this API.

Storage API

Manage your storages with this API.

Dedicated Services

Dedicated Servers API

Fully manage your dedicated servers.

Dedicated rack API

Manage your dedicated racks with this API.

Dedicated Network Equipment API

Fully manage your dedicated network equipment.


IP Management API

Get information about your assigned IPs and manage them.

Floating IP API

Manage your Floating IPs with this API.

Private networking API

Create private networks, add and remove servers with this API.

Remote management API

List and update your OpenVPN profiles to connect securely to your infrastructure.


Hosting API

Manage your domain DNS records and e-mail addresses, aliases and more.


Services API

Get an overview of all your services. You can also cancel services via this API.

Invoice API

Get your invoice data with this Invoice API.

Abuse API

Process your abuse reports with the Abuse API.