AWS Compatible APIs

Use our AWS compatible APIs for Object Storage and Public Cloud

Leaseweb provides two AWS Compatible APIs you can use:

  • S3 Object Storage
  • AWS EC2 API for Public Cloud
  • S3 Object Storage

    Leaseweb Object Storage comes with a S3 Compatible API. You can use any S3 compatible tool to access the Object Storage.

    At the moment, Object Storage is only available in the nl-01 and de-01 region. The available endpoint for the S3 API is:

  • nl-01 region:
  • de-01 region:
  • Follow the instructions on our Knowledge base to get your API Key Id and Secret needed by the S3 tool.

    AWS EC2 API for Public Cloud


    For the Public Cloud, we also provide an AWS EC2 compatible API. The following methods are supported:

  • DescribeInstances
  • RunInstances
  • StartInstances
  • StopInstances
  • Note that not all AWS fields will be populated, as they are specific to AWS. More methods will be added in the near future.

    You can directly access the AWS EC2 API at, or use an SDK or the AWS CLI.


    You are able to use the AWS CLI with the AWS EC2 compatible API. First, make sure you have installed the AWS CLI. For instructions, follow this guide.

    Once the AWS CLI is installed, we can add the needed configuration:

    >aws configure
    2. AWS Secret Access Key: <ANYTHING>
    3. Default region name: eu-west-3
    4. Default output format: json

    You can generate your API key in the Customer Portal. The AWS Secret Acess Key can be ignored (fill in anything you like). Same goes for the region. The region is depending on your Access Key (API Key) and will be ignored by the API.

    Once setup, you can now for example get a list of your Public Cloud instaces:

    # Listing
    aws ec2 describe-instances --endpoint-url
    Or create an instance:
    # Create instance
    aws ec2 run-instances --image-id <IMAGE_ID> --placement AvailabilityZone=<REGION> --instance-type <INSTANCE_TYPE> --endpoint-url

    See for more information the Public Cloud API.